1. I love my blog

    I have spent a lot of time on tumblr these past few years. Honestly I can’t even remember when I actually made my tumblr. The point is that in a way I feel as if the opinions expressed on this website have impacted me in ways I could not expect. Much of the information I have gained has lead me to be more of an aware person. This is not a bad thing. I feel as if tumblr has educated me about many issues I never would have come across elsewhere. But as all platforms on the internet it is just a tool for accessing information. Whether that information is useful or not is up to the way we use the platform. For a period of time I will be stepping back from this blog. I will NOT be deleting it. I have a personal blog that I’ll still be updating. I think it’s time I take a step back from all of the information thrown around tumblr for some personal growth. Feel free to send me messages as I’ll get them and they’ll (probably) make me smile. Thanks

  2. Selfie with the bestie @resa_besa ❤️ good thing I didn’t have to leave her when we left berry! I don’t know where if be without her!!!

  3. This morning at breakfast the adult guys were trying to give daniel advice on how to talk to girls and it was the best conversation ever! #youthleader2014

  4. Susan was absolutely fab this week 😊 #youthleader2014

  5. @shelbyyeelizabeth please show Lindsey this beautiful picture 😁😏😊

  6. First off I look extra short in this picture because this amazing chick is like a foot taller than me and the angle is not the best… But Shelby is the best roommate I could have ever asked The Lord to bless me with! We had such a great time together and I’m just eternally grateful for her :) also I’m just kinda glad she put up with me 😁

  7. Lindsey told the best bedtime stories and I’m very glad I got to meet her this week! So sad her church is so far away 😢 I will come and visit sometime though! Thanks for everything Lindsey 😊

  8. This kid has to be the most energetic and passionate person I have ever met! I loved every minute of every conversation or interaction we ever had ❤️#youthleader2014

  9. This guy 😏 #youthleader2014

  10. Landy is such an inspiring young woman! I love you man ❤️ #youthleader2014